BLOG 2015’s top (and flop) marketing trends - 18 February 2015

Smart marketers know that they need to get ahead of the trends and anticipate the next big things, or else be devoured by their competitors. But they also must keep in mind that not every so-called ‘marketing trend’ will eventually come true. Here is what we believe could be some of the most interesting developments in 2015.

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NEWS We're moving! - 13 February 2015

After 13 years in Harmoniestraat, Antwerp, Mosquito is now set to move into its brand-new offices in Herentals. There we will hook up with the digital wizards from Intracto who are currently based in Olen.

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NEWS Trimetal continues to build on 111 years of know-how - 02 February 2015

A success story deserves a sequel. In 2014 we celebrated the 110th anniversary of Trimetal, a premium brand for professional painters, with loads of fun activities. Looking back on the photo shoots, the World Cup contest and the Summer competition we came up with, we can conclude 2014 was a very satisfying year for Trimetal.

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NEWS Peugeot Scooters proudly presents: Django - 15 January 2015

Do you “Dare to Django”? Scooter giant Peugeot (Moteo Group) has launched the brand new Django scooter during the 93rd edition of the Brussels Motor Show. You can still check out the Django scooter at Brussels Expo until the 25th of January.

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BLOG Short commercials: the elevator pitch on camera - 09 January 2015

The 15-second TV ad is already “the new black,” but it has yet to achieve the same level of audience engagement as its 30-second and one-minute predecessors. Advertisers must now explore this new frontier further to make short-form ads more effective, regardless of the platform. Learn more about it while reading our latest blog post.

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