BLOG What’s so ‘good’ about feel good commercials? - 01 September 2014

Dove, Coca-Cola, British Airways: three high-end brands guilty of producing commercials with a ‘social conscience’. Some might say it’s “easy” to touch an emotional chord, however more and more advertisers choose to use a more heartfelt approach to win over consumers’ hearts. But what’s so ‘good’ about feel good commercials?

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BLOG Digital VS classic advertising: how to divide your media budget? - 26 August 2014

Media budgets used to be all about newspapers, magazines, radio and tv. Zeppelins even! But with the arrival of digital media the whole advertising landscape has shifted. How should marketers split their media budget today?

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Eurostar Global Campaign 2014 - 10 July 2014

Mosquito created a new global ‘Purely Natural’ campaign for Eurostar Diamond Traders, the world’s largest diamond manufacturer by turnover. This campaign highlights 10 clear-cut benefits for their customers to promote Eurostar’s unique approach.

Please click here to view the campaign visuals and concept.

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Mosquito launches an interactive communication platform for the Belgian employers' organizations - 16 May 2014

As a result of an extensive agency pitch, Mosquito was chosen to create an awareness campaign on behalf of all Belgian emplyors' organizations. The objective of the campaign is to create public support for private enterprises as one of the major pillars for creation of prosperity in our society.

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Brussels Airport conquers the Dutch market - 23 April 2014

Brussels Airport has only one message for the Dutch: choose Belgium! Not only during the World Cup, but also when booking your next flight.

As a reward for their smart choice, the Dutch received a portion of Belgian fries with real mayonnaise. In return we got countless fun photos of our northern neighbours while they 'out' themselves as Belgium supporters.

Please click here to view the campaign

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