Brussels Airport conquers the Dutch market - 23 April 2014

Brussels Airport has only one message for the Dutch: choose Belgium! Not only during the World Cup, but also when booking your next flight.

As a reward for their smart choice, the Dutch received a portion of Belgian fries with real mayonnaise. In return we got countless fun photos of our northern neighbours while they 'out' themselves as Belgium supporters.

Please click here to view the campaign

New communicaton concept and campaign for Tony Mertens - 04 April 2014

Mosquito created for Tony Mertens – a well known expert in the world of home decoration and interior design on the Belgian Market – a new communication concept and campaign. This concept will be rolled out through a wide range of communication tools.

Please click here to view the campaign visuals and concept.

Mosquito takes kids to the movies for Kinepolis - 01 April 2014

Mosquito came up, created and produced a TV and cinema commercial in 3D animation, capturing the excitement and the fun of the KIDS AT THE MOVIES experience in a language the kids of today can relate to. The storyline of the commercial touches on and describes the feelings and emotions of a young kid traveling to the so-called 'Planet Popcorn' and enjoying the coolest adventures at KIDS AT THE MOVIES at Kinepolis, 'yet even before the movie actually started!' ...

Please click here to view the TV commercial

Balade is proud to stand side by side with our own 'Red Devils' - 27 March 2014

Belgian supporters everywhere will be eagerly anticipating the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year in a very special way. Mosquito has developed for Balade a promotional campaign where your average Joe can become the '12th man' on the pitch!

By buying Balade products from the shelf you can be one step closer to becoming a member of the team with your own personalised Red Devils footbal shirt. If that isn't enough, by uploading your picture to the Balade Facebook page or website you can recieve a poster with your face amongst the starpacked squad making you the 12th member of the official Red Devils Line up for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Please click here to view campaign material


As a result of a public tender, Mosquito was selected for the creation of a communication campaign and a brand redesign for GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

GO! consists of no less than 1000 schools in Flanders and Brussels and welcomes daily more than 300.000 students.

The given task consisted of the creation of a new concept to be used in a wide range of external and internal communication.

Please click here to view the campaign visuals, the brand redesign and the makeover of the brand new Brussels head office.

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