NEWS Peugeot Scooters proudly presents: Django - 15 January 2015

Do you “Dare to Django”? Scooter giant Peugeot (Moteo Group) has launched the brand new Django scooter during the 93rd edition of the Brussels Motor Show. You can still check out the Django scooter at Brussels Expo until the 25th of January.

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BLOG Short commercials: the elevator pitch on camera - 09 January 2015

The 15-second TV ad is already “the new black,” but it has yet to achieve the same level of audience engagement as its 30-second and one-minute predecessors. Advertisers must now explore this new frontier further to make short-form ads more effective, regardless of the platform. Learn more about it while reading our latest blog post.

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NEWS Ingersoll Rand goes Denmark - 07 January 2015

To present the newest power tools senior account manager Roel and Ingersoll Rand headed to Odense to take part in the FTZ Trade Fair, one of the biggest fairs for tools in the car industry in Scandinavia. Watch the after movie below the full article.

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NEWS Eurostar Diamond starts off 2015 with a brand new campaign - 05 January 2015

Always ahead of the curve market leader Eurostar Diamond Traders will be starting off 2015 with a brand new global campaign. Eurostar Diamond 3.0 focuses more on one-on-one communication, storytelling, creating new opportunities to get sales leads and preparing for the future.

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NEWS Brussels Airport wishes you an enchanted holiday season - 22 December 2014

Our national airport wishes all its travelers an enchanted holiday season and a sparkling New Year in a cute video that will make you want to curl up on your couch with some hot cocoa while watching the snow come down outside. It's the season to be jolly!

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