BLOG Brand education: the “higher ground” of marketing - 08 October 2014

Brand education. What’s in a name?! More and more brands believe it’s important to inform and educate their consumers. They feel like they should clearly communicate the brand in a transparent manner that people can understand. Does this all sound like gibberish? Then read our latest blog post!

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BLOG What you didn’t know about customer loyalty marketing - 29 September 2014

Airline miles programs, hotel frequent guest programs and credit card incentives. That's loyalty marketing to the general public. But this kind of marketing where companies focus on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives is so much more than that. Read all about it on the Mosquito blog.

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NEWS Fost Plus celebrates its 20th birthday with the Ray Cup! - 24 September 2014

Fost Plus is turning 20 this year! To celebrate this milestone it wanted to not only put the organization itself in the limelight, but its members as well. That’s why we created the ‘Ray Cup’, a competition (including 3 stop-motion videos) where the Fost Plus members could show how well they sort their waste (plastic, paper and food waste) at work.

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BLOG Stop-motion videos in advertising - 15 September 2014

It was in 1897 that the stop-motion technique was used for the first time. And even though that was ages ago, its unique effect and the realistic textures it brings (since actual materials are used in filming) means it will not die out anytime soon. Discover the power of stop-motion commercials in this week's blog post.

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NEWS The Brussels Airport success story - 12 September 2014

Once upon a time, there was an airport that achieved unimaginable things .. And they wanted the whole world to know, but how could they reach out to everybody? Luckily, they had a faithful companion who crafted from dusk till dawn to conceive a magical book that will inspire and impress people for years to come.

Whether they lived happily ever after? We sincerely hope so!

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